The security of industrial automation and control systems becomes increasingly critical as different networks are connected and systems are integrated in a collaborative manufacturing environment. For industrial automation and control systems the potential impact of an attack may be more serious than for computer systems in general. Users of industrial automation and control systems need to pay correspondingly increased attention to these issues. Security measures aim at protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of a computer system from being compromised through deliberate or accidental attacks.
Different security measures that should be considered when an automation system is connected to external networks of different kinds are discussed, including connections to general purpose IS and corporate networks, remote connections, and wireless connections. Access Control Administration & Maintenance


Security and automation is a prime concern in our day-to-day life. The approach to home and industrial automation and security system design is almost standardized nowadays. In this paper, we have tried to increase these standards by combining new design techniques and developed a low cost home and industrial automated security systems. Everyone wants to be as much as secure as possible.
• The design of simple hardware circuit enables every user to use this wireless home security system with PIR sensor, Gas sensor, Smoke sensor and Main fuse Failure Detector at Home & Industries
• All the sensors and detector are interconnected to microcontroller by using various types of interface circuits. The microcontroller will continuously monitor all the sensors and if it senses any security problem then the microcontroller will send the SMS to the user mobile through GSM modem.
• The Microcontroller also turns ON and OFF the electrical appliances in home and industry based on SMS received from the user.