Hardware Design Training

Hardware Design Training

Subject: Hardware Design
Tools: Orcad, Cadence Allegro
Duration: 3months
Training: Hardware


1.Introduction about Basic Electronics
2.Introduction about Electronics Components
3.Training with Electronics components working principle

Product circuit Development

1. Customer specification analysis
2. Prepare the product design, block diagram document
3. How to choose the components based on customer requirements
4. Confirm the design and start the schematic design

Orcad Capture

1.Building parts and symbols
2. Creating a new project
3.Creating multi-sheet design
4. Assigning parts reference design
5. Design circuit checking
6. Creating a Bill of materials and other reports
7. Adding part and net details
8. Building a hierarchical design

PCB Design:

1. Starting a project
2. Library Development
3. Importing net list
4. Footprint creation for SMD and through hole components
5. Details of layers
6. Adding reference texts
7. Component placement and Design rules
8. Routing and copper areas
9. Post processing and manufacturing output

Board Assembly and Testing

1. As per our product BOM based prepare the components
2. SMD components and through hole components one by one solders
3. Initially power section assembled and test with board power perfect or not
4. After power section testing one by one product section assembled and test
5. Once testing finished hardware design is perfect