Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

We offers a full range of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) covering all the functional requirements of Customer Relationship Management: Sales Force Management (SFA) marketing automation (EMA), Management trade, statistics and decision, customer service management.

  • Companies Management
  • Contacts Management
  • History actions
  • Shared Calendar
  • Sending and Receiving emails
  • Sending SMS Letters SMS
  • Templates and mailing


The bank’s call center office executive receives data of potential customers; often called as Leads in CRM.


The call center executive communicates with these Leads either through phone calls/emails/etc.


Once a customer becomes a part of the system, the company would assist him/her with payments etc.

CRM Channels


This is Role based web access. For each relevant task in the service, sales and marketing it represents the single point of entry.

Field Service or Offline-User

Arka CRM offers several field applications for field service representatives which they can access anywhere, anytime.

WebChannel Management

with this Arka CRM enables E-service, E-commerce, and E-marketing platform.

PCM – Partner Channel Management

This interface is provided to support collaboration with resellers, dealers, agents etc.

Interaction Center

Arka CRM provides the customer care employees with an interface which is comprehensively integrated with different communication channels like phone and E-mails.

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CRM Marketing

These Leads are captured in the CRM system via marketing campaigns, sales drives, referrals, etc.

CRM Sales

If the customer is interested in the credit card offering, the Lead record will be converted to an Opportunity record (won Lead).

CRM Service

Once a customer becomes a part of the system, the company would assist him/her with payments, billing, refunds, etc. Whenever the customer has any queries or concerns etc.