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Indoor Outdoor Wifi Acccess Point

Combine, Plug and Play as per your needs

Tapping in your seamless connectivity needs

Establishing the foundations of a secure network

Bringing the convenience of ubiquitous operations

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IIoT Solution

We provide IIoT Solution for

Energy Meter / PLC

Temperature / Tank Level

Diesel Generator / Air Flow

Cold Storage / Pressure

Customised IIoT Solution

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IIoT Gateways

4G/LTE, 3G, 2G

Dual SIM with auto-failover

Firewall, Open VPN, IPsec, RMS, FOTA, GNSS

Multiple I/O for remote monitoring

Equipped with RS232 / RS485

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Outdoor Antenna

Improve the quality of your internet connection

Connect the LTE multi-band antenna to your LTE router

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Warehouse Management system

Higher performance due to automation of warehouse processes

Increase your inventory accuracy.

Increase warehouse productivity

Reduce equipment usage and related overheads

Improved Auditing & Accountability

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Record Management system

Define and enforce Record Classification, Retention & Disposition Policies.

Trace the source of the Record in an instance.

Secure your corporate records with an additional level of security.

Effectively Retrieve and Dispose Records.

Minimise Littigation Risks.

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Our Solutions

Industial IoT

Energy Meter Monitoring System


Wind Mill Data Logger

Solar Monitoring System

Warehouse Management System

Record Management System


Condition Monitoring System



With our energy monitoring system enhance your operational efficiency by measuring and monitoring your energy consumption.


Tank Level

With our tank level monitoring system monitor your real time liquid level in your tank and schedule refills wihtout any hassle.


Temperature & Humiduity

With our temperature monitoring system we monitor the change in temperature which when exceeds a point an alert will be raised.



With our pressure monitoring system detect in advance any pressure change and prevent your assets from getting damaged.



With our vibration monitoring system predict machine failures by identifying the main factors which leads to the machine down time.



With our flow monitoring system the usage of liquid is monitored so that the usage can be regulated and reduced in near future.


Lux Level

With our lux level system a slight variation in the intensity of light triggers an alert to avoid unauthorised entry.


Gas Detection

With our gas detection system the amalgamation of gases present in that area can be monitored to display the volume of specific gases.

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