Our Energy Monitoring (EMMS) System provides you with IOT based real time energy monitoring & data analytics. It provides unprecedented view on your energy usage, assert / machine monitoring, performance & analytical insights. EMMS is a network of energy meters connected to provide real time data. The data from the energy meter is collected by EMMS Gateway, which gathers energy meter parameter values and sends it to the server. The data is then analyzed using advanced data analytics software which shows how much amount of energy is consumed at any point of time. This information can be viewed in desktop or mobile. It also provides users with information of their consumption patterns. With the help of this information you can plan ways to save the energy consumption.


  Our EMMS Gateway can connect upto 30 Energy meters.

  Different Energy Meter like Schneider / Trinity / Rishab / ICD / Elmeasure etc can be monitored.

  EMMS Gateway is capable of connecting to cloud via 4G LTE (Single / Dual) SIM / Ethernet.

  Live Monitoring.

  Battery backup for up to 4 hours.

  Dashboard which incorporates variety of features to visualize the excessive consumption.

  Real-time data monitoring assists user to quickly determine where to adjust the energy.

  Access your Energy data anywhere on any device.

  Alert users of spike in Energy Consumtion & critical data via SMS / Email.







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