Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are an integral part of every energy operation. ORBCOMM devices and SCADA connectivity solutions enable cost-effective monitoring and remote management of critical equipment, in some of the most remote areas of the world.

  • Farm/Turbine level monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Improved performance
  • 24*7 monitoring
  • Flexibility of adoption to different types & sizes of turbines
  • Adaptive web application

Gain Full Visibility of Remote SCADA System Sites

Monitor and control critical SCADA system equipment with full visibility from a central location via reliable, always-on connectivity.

Connect remote, orphan sites, where connectivity is otherwise unavailable, unreliable or cost-prohibitive.

Enhance production by enabling more efficient and cost-effective collection of critical operations data.

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Equipment Downtime

Lower operations costs by enabling preventative maintenance with regular equipment monitoring.

Reduce downtime and production losses with early fault detection and quick response time.

Extend connectivity to sites without the cost of upgrading legacy SCADA system equipment.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Site Visits

Reduce labour, vehicle and fuel costs with process automation requiring fewer routine and emergency visits to remote sites.

Deliver alarms and event notifications based on user-defined thresholds and criteria.

Evolve from the use of auto dialers to a more comprehensive way of managing remote SCADA sites.

Scada Box

Width: 300 MM Height: 250 MM Depth: 85 MM
Embbeded CPU With 4GB RAM GSM/GPRS Modem 2x16 LCD Display
3 Meter Communication Cable USB To RS232 3 Meter 5DB Antenna
32 GB SD Card For External Storage Water Proof Box IP65