We provide Industrial automation solution for monitoring Energy Meters, PLC / Scada, CNC Machines, Industrial Sensors and many other such machines. Data from any kind of machine or sensor that has communication such as RS232 / RS485 / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Ethernet / Modbus TCP / Analog / Digital IO can be easily collected and analyzed to visualize the data anywhere on any device.


  Remote Monitoring & Visualization.

  Alerts based on Erratic Behavior.

  Optimized Dashboard.

  Performance Projection.

  No Human Error.

  Data at your Fingertips.

  Mobile − 4G, 3G, 2G / Single Sim, Dual Sim.

  Ethernet − 1 port / 4 port LAN / PoE Enabled LAN port.

  Network − Routing / Network Protocols / DDNS / SSHFS.

  Security − Firewall.

  VPN − Open VPN / IPsec / PPTP / L2TP / SSTP / ZeroTier.

  Serial Communication Modes − Modbus TCP Slave / Modbus TCP Master / Modbus RTU Master.

  Data To Server − HTTP(S) / MQTT / Azure MQTT / Kinesis.

  Location Tracking − GPS / Geofencing.

  Input / Output - Configurable I/O.



Wifi / Lan


Modbus TCP

Modbus RTU



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Smart Box


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L&T - Weight Transmitter


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