Our Temperature Monitoring System provides you with IoT based real time Temperature & Humidity Monitoring across your industry. The Industrial Application which has to operate within a particular temperature requires constant monitoring. If the temperature & humidity levels increase or decrease a particular level then entire operation comes to a halt. With our IoT based Temperature Monitoring System you can now monitor your Industrial Applications in real time so when there is a variation in temperature instantaneous alert can be sent for necessary action to be taken.


  Remote Data Access.

  The device is simple to configure and so there is less maintenance cost reducing installation time.

  Instant alerts in case of temperature/humidity deviation.

  Statistical & Custom Report.

  Compare different variables simultaneously and generate different type of graphs.

  Download the data as excel sheet.

  Unlimited User Access.

  Lifetime Software Access.

  Multiple Connectivity Options.

  The real time & historical data can be easily visualized in the single dashboard with visual alerts.






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