An ERP system is made up of enterprise resource planning applications that talk to each other and share a database. This means you can eliminate information silos between departments and give everyone a single source of truth. Your system can automate your core business processes and help you ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, fast-track reporting - and so much more.

  • Human Resource
  • Inventory
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Purchase
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
  • Engineering/ Production
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Cloud ERP

Simplify your IT landscape - and take advantage of affordable subscription pricing - with cloud-based ERP.

On-Premise ERP

Run your enterprise resource management software behind your own firewall - for maximum flexibility and control.

Hybrid ERP

Run some of your ERP applications on premise, and some in the cloud - with hybrid ERP.

The Business Value of ERP

Improved business insight

From real-time information generated by reports.

Lower operational costs

Through defined and more streamlined business processes.

Enhanced collaboration

From users sharing data in contracts, requisitions, and purchase orders.

Improved efficiency

Through a common user experience across many business functions and managed business processes.

Consistent infrastructure

From the back office to the front office, all business activities have the same look and feel.

High user-adoption rates

From a common user experience and design.

Increased Efficiency and Higher Productivity


Integration across all business processes

To realize the full benefits of an ERP system it should be fully integrated into all aspects of your business from the customer facing front end, through planning and scheduling, to the production and distribution of the products you make.

Quality reports and performance analysis

Analysis on ERP will enable you to produce financial and boardroom quality reports, as well as to conduct analysis on the performance of your organization.

Integrates across the entire supply chain

A best of breed ERP system should extend beyond your organization and integrate with both your supplier and customer systems to ensure full visibility and efficiency across your supply chain.