To simplify the installation of the TRB series in an Industrial environment, this smart enclosure box can save valuable time. This enclosure box can also be customized on request. This box contains everything you need if you are looking for a flexible, water proof and robust enclosure for your gateway.

  • All antennas and Teltonika router integrated in one enclosure
  • Built power supply
  • Durable connection with 2 core cable
  • IP65 enclosure ABS Plastic
  • Built in antennas
  • Easy to Install

SMPS ( Din Rail )

Material Plastic Din Rail SMPS
Input Voltage 230 VAC
Output Voltage 12 VDC
Rated Current 1.25 A
Current Range 0 ~ 1.25 A
Rated Power 15 W

GSM Antenna

Material Plastic
Size 21.7 * 115.6 mm
Bandwidth 3 DBI
Types Wired GSM Patch Antenna
Impedance 50 Ω
Minimum Frequency 900 MHZ
Maximum Frequency 1800 MHZ
Rate Power 10 Walts

Lithium Iron Battery

Type Rechargeable Battery
Voltage Range 12 V
Current Rating 2600 MAH

Enclosure Box Size

Material ABS Plastic
Type Transparent
Size 180 * 180 * 125 mm


Suitable for Teltonika Gateway Devices